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P ainting sector, being life-blood of production, is the terminal stage of production, and also the preliminary stage of sales. Striking factor of a furniture, white goods (stove, refrigerator etc.) or an automobile is its color. Color, captivating the consumer in such a way, improves the quality and value of the product High- dass and modern painting installations are significant in terms of the benefit of both the consumers and manufacturers. Structuring of painting installations with the aid of contemporary technology eliminates the unnecessary time, workman-power and energy losses, and also provides big gains especially for the manufacturing company, and also for the national economy and consumers. Since 1994, we have furnished services in each sector where painting is involved, including automotive, white goods, furniture. We have always been investigative and innovative. We have embraced technological developments, and always worked for improvement. Today, we are feeling the proper pride of constructing hundreds of industrial painting units and effecting our engagements in our sector since 1994.